Fundació La Granja

Our greatest reward is the smile of our riders after mastering a new challenge.

Ideology of Fundación La Granja
We present a project abundant with imagination and phantasy, based on a philosophy that wants to break with stereotypes and prejudices offering a holistic view on disability, a view that is not a given but the result of our work and experience with people, work that taught us a lot about effort, motivation, and mastering challenges to reach one’s goals. Our work is also proof for the many healing and supporting effects of the contact with horses and nature. The natural environment and horses with their gentle character help on a neuro- and psycho motoric level but also assist stimulating communication and socialization. Our project is open to all and supported by numerous organizations, associations and foundations. An innovative, social, sensitive and environmental project. We hope to accomplish our dream and the dreams of all those who give us their confidence and trust every day. Our greatest reward is the smile of our riders after mastering a new challenge.


Our project aims to bring the world of horses to schools and pupils from Catalonia and all over Europe, especially those pupils with different kinds of limitations to their abilities. We offer training courses for people with disabilities that help enable them to build the confidence and skills needed to participate in work life and social activities. Our private foundation further offers preparation for and participation in national championships.

At the private foundation La Granja in Sitges we have different lines of work, all of them related to the world of horses. Our riding school with a history of 16 years has trained riders to national competition standards. Approved by the prestigious ABRS (Association of British Riding Schools), we offer courses and lessons for riders of all levels. Only three riding schools in Spain including ours are certified to this level.

We have been welcoming riders of many different nationalities and languages – we speak Catalan, Spanish, English and German.

Whilst riding lessons are our core business we offer plenty of complementary activities: horseback riding and activities with and around horses for children, families and schools, extracurricular activities, escorted hacks to the Natural Park Garraf, organized activities for companies, birthday parties, carriage rides, horse rental for weddings, film and television.

This year, we are starting an exciting new project, we will be offering riding holidays for all those who already miss their horse when leaving after the lesson, so that they can spend much more time with our horses.

It is also one of the main purposes of the foundation La Granja to offer horse riding and related activities to people with physical and mental disabilities. These activities help greatly with socialisation, confidence and integration and we wish to thank our sponsors, since they ensure that the time spent with horses is not a privilege for only a few.

On the warm summer nights we present a fascinating horse show, a magical event for riders and non-riders. The proceeds of the show benefit the foundation.